Contracts and fees

  • When will the fees be charged?

    Payment is due at the end of the following month after the end of the current month.

  • What payment methods are available?

    Currently, only bank transfers are accepted.

  • What currency is used when contracting with overseas companies?

    If the transfer is made by an overseas business, the transfer is basically made in Japanese yen.

  • Are there any other costs in addition to the advertising fee?

    Translation into English and Chinese is mandatory when placing an advertisement.
    If you are not able to do the translation, a separate estimate will be made by the operating company.
    If your wish to make a proposal to an overseas business in which an interpreter is required, the cost of the interpreter will be charged separately when the request is made to the management company.
    If you need an attendant to go on a business trip to the country of the overseas operator, the attendant fee will be charged separately.
    In the case of performance-based model without advertising, if sales are generated after the matching with overseas business,
    we will have 5% of the sales as a performance-based fee. A fee of JPY 100,000 (excl. tax) is also charged per email sent to overseas businesses.

  • Are there any costs involved in contract cancellation?

    There is no cancellation fee.

How to use

  • How can I check the detail page?

    Please register as a member.

  • How can I place an advertisement?

    Advertisements can be placed after signing a contract with the operator.

  • If I place an advertisement, do I have to pay for the results?

    No fee will be charged if a proposal is made to an overseas business and a contract is signed while the monthly fee for advertising is being paid.
    Furthermore, the performance-based fee is based on the month in which the overseas operator and the Japanese operator conclude the contract.

  • Do I get charged for the performance-based fee if I go for the email distribution model?

    No coast for advertising model as there is a monthly fee.
    If contracts are signed on a spot mail-out model without advertising, it will be considered as performance-based model.

  • Can sole proprietors place ads?

    As it varies depending on the product type and business, please contact the responsible person for more information.

Merchandise Handled

  • What kind of products are recommended ?

    There is no particular recommendation from the management company. As long as it is a product or service that is likely to be in need overseas, we can basically handle it, except for those that are prohibited to be handled.

  • Are there any commercial products that cannot be handled?

    For more information, please see the Prohibited Commercial Items in the User Guide.

  • Is it possible to advertise couples of product?

    You are given 1 web page for product listing (Exceptions apply.)
    *Please check the Merchandise handled for details.

  • Are there any business fields that are not accepted?

    As long as there are no legal violations in both Japan and abroad, there are no problems.
    Please note that there is a possibility that the management company may review and reject the listing.

  • What is the exceptional case for the one- page product listing?

    if you have separate commercial products and services, it is possible to advertise each of them seperately.
    However, a separate listing fee will be charged.

Site Advertising

  • How much do you charge for a site advertising?

    ¥30,000 per month (
    *Limited to those contracted in 2022.
    ¥100,000 per month (excl. tax) scheduled for contracts from 2023 onwards."

  • Is there a contract term for site advertising?

    There are monthly and annual contracts.

  • If I sign an annual contract by the end of December 2022, is the monthly fee ¥30,000 (excl tax)?

    Starting from the month in which the contract is signed within 2022, the monthly fee will be ¥30,000 (excluding tax) lasting the whole year.

  • What happens if I sign an annual contract and want to cancel it in the middle of the year?

    Please note no refunds will be made regardless of the number of remaining months in case of a mid-term cancellation.

  • When is the latest to sign a contract if I want to place ads on the site in the shortest possible time?

    Site advertising requires a contract with the management company two months before hand.
    *Time needed until publishing depends ,including availability of translations.


  • Can I get a refund if I don't get a match on the website?

    No, we do not offer refunds regardless of the outcome.

  • How much for translation, interpretation, attendance fee, etc.?

    Interpretation, translation and attendance fees varies from cases.
    *Please contact the responsible person for more information.

  • When is FiZiP's scheduled releasing date?

    We are releasing in December 2022 as scheduled.

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