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Bringing Japanese goods and services to the world. The best matching platform for new sales channels expansion. To act as an intermediary between Japanese and foreign companies.

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  1. Fees for Japan attendance, translation,interpreting services during business meetings, contract drafting, etc. will be quoted separately.
  2. Please contact us for details as usage fee varies depending on the product and business.
  3. Some operations are unable to do the mailings.
  4. If there is an agent in your home country, it will be the agent's fee structure.

User Guide

  • STEP.1

    Register for free first

    Please register as a free member through this website

  • STEP.2

    Bookmark your favorite from Japanese operations' wanted list.

    Please check out the ads posted by the Japanese operations.

    If you wish to negotiate with Japanese operations, please register and bookmark

  • STEP.3

    Consultation with management company

    We will explain to you the details of the service and contract .

  • STEP.4

    Concluding a contract

    If you wish to advertise or have a business meeting with a Japanese operation after contacting the management company, please conclude contract first.

  • STEP.5

    Register the products you desire or the business you wish to develop.

    The management company will post the information on the website. ※If Japanese translation is required, an additional fee will be charged.

  • STEP.6

    Online business meetings with Japanese operations

    If you wish to hold an online business meeting, there will be an additional charge if an interpreter is required.

Member registration and contract

To use this service, membership registration is required.

Membership registration

You will be able to see the detailed page once you registered as a member. You may receive regular emails from the management company and occasional emails from Japanese and international operations. After registering as a member, the management company will contact and offer you contract , which may be in the form of either advertising model, performance-based model or spot mail-out model.

About the contract

After registering as a member, you will sign a contract with the management company in one of the following three ways.

Advertising model Performance-based model Spot mail-out model

You will be able to place ads and to conduct online business negotiations.


Payment is due at the end of the month following the end of the current month. Bills will be sent at the beginning of the following month. ※If payment is not received by the end of the following month, the ads may be removed.

About business category

Currently, the merchandise categories are food, alcohol, real estate, traditional crafts and beauty goods, but please be noted that it varies in the future based on overseas demand.

Products we couldn't handle

There are some products and services that are prohibited or require prior inspection. FiZiT prohibits the processing of the following products and services. Please note that we may refuse to process a product or service at the inspection stage, even if it is not listed here.※Political, religious, online commercial and gang-related advertising is strictly prohibited.

Sale or possession of items regulated by law

Firearms and swords Narcotics, stimulants, psychotropic and other drugs.Stolen goods,Health food products containing pharmaceutical ingredients, contact lenses not approved as highly controlled medical devices,Plants and animals whose trade is regulated by treaties and laws such as the Washington Convention and the Species Protection Act Unauthorized modified automobiles and motorcycles.

Things that violate public order and morality

Used underwear, uniforms, swimming suits, sportswear, etc. Stolen photos, stolen videos, stolen equipments, Criminal methods, guides to terrorist acts, other highly criminal items, items that may induce crime, Equipments to remove mosaics, Products related to gangs, criminal groups, terrorist organizations, motorcycle gangs, etc. Grotesque products and other offensive or repulsive products.

Items whose transfer or resale is prohibited by contract or other agreement relating to the goods.

Savings and securities accounts, savings passbooks, credit cards, cash cards, loan cards, etc. Cellular phone already connected, PHS and cassette clocks.

Items that may be misused.

Services for making stamps from duplicates. Identity documents, such as licenses, passports, health insurance cards, etc. Personal information, media containing such information (registers, resident cards, etc.), ID cards and passwords,Government and company entrance cards, employee identification cards, badges indicating position or status, uniforms, etc.

Things that are undesirable in the context of youth protection and development

Adult products,Advertisements for sexual institutions, tickets, etc. Videos, DVDs, photo albums, game software, books and magazines that are undesirable for the protection and development of youth,Child pornography.

Dangerous goods

Explosives, high-pressure gases and other dangerous substances, Toxic or harmful substances, Items that may be used as weapons, such as stun guns, tear gas, batons, etc. (We also do not handle items that would be used for self-defense).

Items that may infringe on the rights or interests of others

Fake branded goods, copies, reproductions or similar products of branded goods that cannot be proven to be genuine. Products sold under labels such as "LV style", "Hermes type", "XX style", etc. Products that infringe copyright, such as illegal copies of CDs, DVDs, videos and software. Products that infringe on the right of likeness or publicity, such as unauthorized images of celebrities or unauthorized use of images of famous people. Products that damage the honor or reputation of others. Scramble canceler, copy guard canceler.

Other items that we consider inappropriate

Products with superstitious, superstition-like or unscientific expressions such as ‘money luck increase’ or ‘wave motion’ that have no basis in fact. Products with strong religious overtones,(excluding Tombstones, Buddhist altars, etc.) So-called vitality drugs designed to enhance or improve sexual function. Expired drugs, nonmedicinal product, cosmetics, veterinary drugs and veterinary quasi-drugs. Expired food products. Products made from parts of whales and dolphins.

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