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Non-caffeine naturally grown brown rice tea

Price range : Less than 1 million yen

The black roasted brown rice tea brought to you by Kokoron Nature Farm, an introduction-only hands-on farm, is made without tea leaves, so even babies and people who are normally concerned about caffeine can enjoy it.

Non-caffeine naturally grown brown rice tea

Naturally grown black roasted brown rice tea grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or animal compost.

he whole naturally grown brown rice is used and slowly roasted for a long time to make this brown rice tea rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Many babies who have been constipated and people suffering from chronic constipation have said that it has improved their bowel movements.

The individually packaged product is also highly portable, and is popular among hotel guests and people who are frequently on the move.

The granulated type allows you to enjoy the sweetness of brown rice in cold water, the mellow aroma of brown rice in hot water, or as a hojicha latte with milk or soy milk.

1 bag (10 bottles (20 liters))

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Overseas expansion countriesall over the world
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