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掲載日: 2022.11.13

Recruitment of overseas franchise stores for popular seafood bowl restaurants in Chiba Prefecture

Price range : Less than 10 million yen

Maguroya Soma Suisan is a very popular seafood bowl restaurant in Chiba Prefecture.
The reason why it is so popular is because it is cheap and delicious.
Why is it cheap and delicious?
This is because it is operated by a brokerage company specializing in tuna from Toyosu.
By all means, why don't you open a franchise of the popular seafood bowl restaurant in your country?

About Soma Suisan, a brokerage company in Toyosu

Since Soma Suisan was established in 1964, it has been nearly 60 years since we specialized in tuna, an intermediate wholesaler in the Tsukiji Market. Even after moving to Toyosu Market, we have continued to handle a wide range of tuna, from domestic wild bluefin tuna to wild Indian tuna, drumsticks, and overseas tuna. There are many types of tuna from high-end tuna to affordable ones. We bid on tuna with our discerning skills that we have cultivated over many years. We will continue to be a tuna wholesaler for everyone. We are committed to providing quality tuna and service. The love and passion we have for our customers from the beginning has made us who we are today.

Business locationChiba
Overseas expansion countriesPlans to open a franchise in Macau
Possible means of negotiationFace to Face Online
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