Traditional Crafts
掲載日: 2023.04.18

Hirata Forge

Price range : Less than 10 million yen

Steels are made in-house from iron sand to produce Japanese swords. We are capable of producing one-of-a-kind blades using the finest materials.

Hirata Forge

This is a workshop where a husband-and-wife team makes Japanese swords that represent Japan.

The wife, Nodoka Hirata, is a craftsman named Murage who produces tama-hagane from iron sand, and the husband, Yuhei Hirata, is a sword smith who processes the tama-hagane his wife worked on to make Japanese swords.

We are particular about the materials we use, making tama-hagane (tamahagane), the raw material for Japanese swords, in-house from iron sand, and applying this technique to kitchen knives while making Japanese swords.

All blades produced in our store are made from tamahagane, which is the same production method used to make Japanese swords.

We produce a variety of blades including Japanese swords.

Business locationTokyo
Overseas expansion countriesall over the world
Possible means of negotiationFace to Face Online
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