What is FiZiT (For overseas operations)

Are you planning to import Japanese goods or expand your business in Japan?
FiZit made it possible!

Three Features of FiZiT

  • 掲載すれば、日本事業者からオファーをもらえる!

    You are able to do public relations with Japanese businesses by posting an ad (ad posting campaign)

    (Advertising model)
  • 会員登録すれば、日本事業者に提案できる!

    You are able to propose to Japanese businesses once you registered as a member and conclude contract with the management company.

    (Performance-based model)
  • Full support system including mail delivery service, interpretation, translation, and spot assistance

    Full support system including mail delivery service, interpretation, translation, and spot assistance

    (additional fee)

What you can do with FiZiT

What you can do with FiZiT

FiZiT is a matching platform service that allows overseas operations to search for the " Goods" (products and merchandise) and "Services" (businesses and operations) they want in Japan, and Japanese operations to search for "Goods" and "Services" sought by foreign countries.

Overseas operations around the world are looking for great Japanese goods and services.
However, there are only few opportunities for overseas operations to learn about them.
With FiZiT, you have the opportunity to directly connect with businesses in Japan and overseas!
Japanese operations will get to know which Japanese goods or services are currently in demand overseas and match them with overseas operations through FiZiT.

Only a handful of Japanese products and goods are exported to the world!
There's still a lot of hidden gold in Japan.
For Japanese operations, the world is a treasure island full of business opportunities for them to sell their treasures (Goods and services).
For overseas operations, FiZiT is here to help explore the treasure of Japanese goods and services.

※FiZiT stands for Find Zipang Things.

Matching achievements

  • 青森県産大間産魚介を卸す日本企業が上海企業と契約

  • 福井県酒造組合が日本酒普及に向けアジア諸国に初進出

  • 日本の知育プログラム教材を姉妹国で実験的に導入

Agent Recruitment (Overseas)

Would you like to work with us to help overseas operations develope Japanese product and business ?

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Promote Japanese PEOPLE , GOODS and SERVICES Globally!
BtoB between Japanese and overseas operations are made possible with FiZiT!
BtoC between Japanese and foreign operations are made possible with FiZiP!

Matching Platform Services on FiZiT and FiZiP connecting Japan and the world are now available here in Zipang Port Corporation.