掲載日: 2023.01.11

Video/animation production (movies, commercials, PVs, MVs, etc.)

Price range : Less than 100 million yen

Our strength is that we can provide a one-stop service from planning to shooting, editing, and delivery.

fosicore is a group of professionals with diverse abilities

Movies, dramas, Japanese animation, IT, design, drone photography, etc. that are in line with the present age. 130 years have passed since the Kinetoscope movie, and movies have evolved since then to the current image.

At fosicore, experienced producers and artists for movies, dramas, Japanese animation, TV commercials, PVs and MVs will meet your needs and provide creative and differentiated images. Also, the dream of mankind is to fly in the sky. We shoot images invisible to humans with cinematic drones to create works that are a little different. Everything in this world is designed. what is your favorite design? Design is one of the essential jobs. Starting with graphic design, web design, and spatial design, we work on designs that catch people's attention in smooth collaboration with video, photography, and IT.

Business locationTokyo
Overseas expansion countriesIndonesia
Possible means of negotiationFace to Face Online
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