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The top-class raw honey in Japan that preserves the life of the bees and impresses with its elegant richness and mellowness the moment you put it in your mouth.

Price range : Less than 1 million yen

At Tokitsu Apiaries, we want you to enjoy the benefits of honey bees in their natural state, without sacrificing flavor or ingredients.
Please enjoy the rich taste of Tokitsu Apiaries' honey without any preparation.

The top-class raw honey in Japan that preserves the life of the bees and impresses with its elegant richness and mellowness the moment you put it in your mouth.

【Tokitsu Apiaries' Commitment】

We do not use any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical agents for honey bees. We use a very labor-intensive beekeeping method called "chemical-free beekeeping" and thoroughly manage our bees to ensure that no residual pesticides are detected.

We also give the utmost consideration to the surrounding environment and use FFC high-wave motion water for the bees' drinking water to raise their energy level and produce high-quality honey.

We are also committed to the natural taste of the honey as it is collected, and we want to impress everyone with the original taste of honey that is simply strained through a cloth.

Therefore, when we have no choice but to dissolve crystallized raw honey, we take the time to slowly dissolve it at low temperatures for several days to produce flavorful honey with a refined richness and a mild texture while retaining its vitamins, enzymes, and other active ingredients.

【Raw honey that impresses!】

The natural taste of honey spreads once you put it in your mouth, and you will be impressed by the raw honey.

The bees that make the honey with us gather a lot of honey every day from the beautiful flowers in the mountains of Niho, one of the best honey sources in Japan.

Tokitsu Apiaries Bee's life offers the natural taste of honey collected by the bees without any processing, so that you can taste the high quality taste of the honey that each bee has carefully collected.

The rich natural environment of Niho is very conducive for bees to produce high quality honey. Tokitsu Apiaries, which owns 6 or 7 bee farms in Yamaguchi Prefecture, creates an environment tailored to the bee colony by changing bee farms according to the time of year and conditions.

The bees transform the nectar into delicious honey with a sugar content of 80 degrees C. The bees are able to produce a delicious honey with a high enzymatic power and beautiful nectar due to the climate with its extreme temperature differences.

【Use of FFC Technology】

Tokitsu Apiary utilizes "FFC Technology" and has acquired the FFC trademark, which is a registered trademark of the Akatsuka Group.

FFC Technology is a life-giving water that has been perfected after years of research, following the mechanisms of water, plants, and Mother Nature, and it makes it possible to change life, nature, and the environment in the direction of revival.

By utilizing water with FFC technology, we can provide various positive benefits to nature's ecology and create a good environment for bees.

【How honey is made】

1. Raising honey bees

From July to March of the following year, newly born honey bees grow up and start building the hive. Bees are nervous bees, so ventilation and hive temperature control must be carried out to avoid stress. We take the time to nurture them well in order for them to produce delicious honey.

2. Collecting honey

May-June is the time when bees concentrate and store honey, and it is the best time for us beekeepers to do our best. Bees will be wiped out if they produce too much or too little honey. We determine the amount of storage that the bees are most comfortable with and collect the excess honey.

3. Storing honey

The excess honey received from the beehive is stored in a special one-quart can for honey. The temperature control at this time changes the taste of the honey, so we work with great care.

4. Heating process

Under certain conditions, the collected honey may solidify into white. This is a phenomenon called "crystallization," and the honey is heated to return it to a liquid state before it is sold as a product; if heated above 60°C, it quickly returns to a liquid state, but if heated too warm, the flavor quality and ingredients may be damaged, and the flavor may be compromised. At our garden, we liquefy the product slowly at a low temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, so the taste and flavor are not compromised.

5. Filtering through a special filter cloth

In order to remove impurities from the honey liquefied by the heating process, it is filtered through a special honey filter cloth. This filtering process produces clear, clean honey.


Honey nurtured by energetic bees is slowly filtered and refined to produce rich, deep honey that we are proud of. This honey is then packed in special bottles and shipped to the customer.

【About Honeybees.】

In a honey bee hive, tens of thousands of bees and only one queen bee live in each box. After birth, bees spend about two weeks cleaning the hive, eating honey and pollen, secreting royal jelly, and receiving nectar brought by the sister bees. After about two weeks, the bees go out to collect nectar, using their special language to tell the sister bees where the flowers are and how far away they are from each other. After two weeks of this, the life of the bees comes to an end. The bees live only one month.

The bees live only one month.

The honey collected by these bees is only about one teaspoon of honey in their short life. We are receiving a precious bounty from these bees.

【We have a wide range of products.】

A wide variety of raw honey is available, including a gift set that can be compared to other honey products, raw honey from Japanese chestnuts, chestnuts, teikazura, lioubu, mandarin oranges, blends, hyakka-honey, akamegashiwa, aged honey, and cherry blossoms. As guilt-free sweets that are also friendly to the intestinal environment, honey soufflé cheesecake, organic oatmeal and rice flour honey granola, ultra-premium terrine organic green tea, rice flour canele, rice flour siphon cake, etc. (Just looking at them makes me drool...)

We also have other health food products such as rare Japanese raw royal jelly, 3-year aged propolis, black garlic honey, etc., which boost up the human immune system.

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